Gender Inequality In Education Essay

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For my report, I will discuss the topic “Gender Inequality in Education”. In the past, young girls were treated as though their only purpose was to cook meals and clean. Today, in some developing countries, this remains the same. Throughout this report, I will explore how and why many young girls in rural India are not receiving the same level of education as young boys, and outline a Sustainable Development Goal that could improve the situation. To begin, India has one of the lowest female literacy rates in Asia, with 68% of women not being able to read or write. There are many factors that have influenced this. Firstly, roughly 24 million girls marry young in India, and around 16% of these girls, aged 15 to 19, have become pregnant already,…show more content…
In India, it is illegal to marry under the age of eighteen, especially when it is a matter of paedophilia, but some families do it in secret anyway. To conclude this point, a lot of girls marry young, leaving them with less education than boys. As previously stated, many parents in India do not consider their daughters as being the bread earners of the family. Therefore, they believe that paying for their daughter's education is a waste of money. From the very beginning, they assume their daughter will stay at home so they purposely don’t pay for education to carry on the tradition of females as housewives. My third point involves the issue of inadequate services: many schools in India are extremely expensive, despite not living up to the standards expected, for example, 80% of schools in Uttar Pradesh do not have toilet facilities. Also, a lot of schools are located far away from rural areas such as Bihar and Rajasthan; these places have higher female illiteracy statistics than urban areas; so therefore, many parents cannot afford transport to bring their daughters to school, with the distance simply being too far away from

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