The Importance Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is serious health and social problem that constitute an obstacle to nation’s development and welfare through preventing women from enjoying their fundamental right and hindrance of their development. Domestic violence is classified into three categories, physical violence (anything from pulling to use of fire weapons), psychological abuse and controlling behaviours (both range from shouting to verbal abuse and social and economic restriction). Two major factors are responsible of domestic violence, the subordinate position of women in the society, and the social acceptance of violence as a method to resolve family conflicts. Then factors at the individual level stem from these two factors (e.g. poverty, age, poor education,…show more content…
Major lines of DV prevention include women empowerment, and adopting measures to combat societal and individual and combating sociocultural norms that encourage violence against women (changing perceptions). Some issues in DV prevention strategies are relevant to men and should be addressed (e.g. alcohol, their concepts on masculinity and men’s social roles). Research on domestic violence should be promoted and to allocate part of research fund to this…show more content…
15 The lowest rates of DV were reported from Japan, whereas the highest were reported from Bangladesh, Peru and Ethiopia.15 Prevalence rates in developed versus developing countries varies between 28% and 67%.16 We observe that DV is not considered a major public health problem in the Third World, receiving only a small public and formal attention (although the studies revealed a lifetime prevalence that exceeded 40%).1,16 Patterns of DV The patterns (forms) of DV are classified into three major categories, physical violence, psychological abuses and controlling behaviours (Table 1). The physical abuses include wide ranges of assaults ranging from pushing or pulling the victim, to use of weapons. Anything from a mild pain to death may result from physical injuries (e.g. wounds, haematomas, abrasions, fractures, burns and scalds, dental injuries, jaw injuries, oral soft tissues injuries, homicide). 1 Physical abuses include sexual abuses such as forcing wife to sexual intercourse, coercing (forcing) sexual acts and marital rape; it results in unintended pregnancies, abortions, adverse pregnancy outcomes (such as low birth weight or perinatal death, maternal morbidity or even mortality) and sexually transmitted

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