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Over the last decades, many OIC Member States have been trying to leave the course of the gender gap problem behind. However, it can be said that social and economic gender inequalities still tear away the social fabrics, undermine social solidity and preclude member states, their societies and youth generations from flourishing. To the best of my understanding and knowledge, higher participation of women in economic and social life will eventually reduce gender inequalities and promote social justice in OIC Member States. Therefore, I foresee four interconnected aims and several actions/ideas to shrink the gender gap in education, economy, politics and social life. 1) Upholding Gender Equity in Education: It can be easily seen that the…show more content…
Suggested Actions: Increasing women’s access to funding for particularly youth private enterprises and start-ups, emphasising women’s role in advancing agricultural development in rural areas, offering formal care for the children and the elderly, providing greater maternity benefits to women, reducing gender differences in working hours, and establishing norms of business democracy such as employee stock ownership programmes and women employee representation on boards. 3) Eliminating obstacles to women's political participation: It can be easily said that numerous Muslim women have taken on significant roles in politics throughout the history. However, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2010 Gender Gap Index, 20 of the 25 lowest-ranking countries with respect to women’s political participation are yet OIC Member States. For that reason, women’s growing interest in politics as an outcome of the increase in access to education and employment prospects should be encouraged to foster an equal social order in OIC Member States. i. Suggested Actions: The introduction or expanding of the quota systems for reserved seats in parliaments and legal candidates in elections, providing training programs which increase women's capability to take part in the decision-making processes, systemizing gender equality principles in political party

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