Essay On Gender Inequality

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Gender discrimination and inequality is everywhere; even if it isn’t as visible as it was back then. For years, equality has been fought for; over a numerous variety of wars and uprisings. Equality for women has made great progress in history, but not all countries have gotten the memo that all people were created equal and that everyone has value and worth. In South Asia, there has been an innumerable amount of abuses against women and girls. The most well know problem is child marriage, whether it be forced or chosen. This has been a well known cause and effect problem that has been going on for years. Self worth is very important because it is how people look at themselves, what actions they take, and the decisions they make. In South Asia,…show more content…
The primary problem is poverty. In Bangladesh, the Ganges river is destroying people’s homes which leads them to have to relocate every time. This then leads families to sell their daughters or marry them off so they have one less mouth to feed. There are no laws against these child marriages because there are many gray areas in the government. This is because the Taliban has made it hard for the government to have any real power and authority over its people. It has become so familiarized that no one is stopping the progression of oncoming abuse that is happening to these girls. The families in India that are selling their daughters don’t have enough information and don’t all the specifics about what is happening to their daughters. Another one of the leading problems is social media. The people on television or social media have programs that help girls and women hide their bruises and scars that are from their husbands. They even recommend clothing to help with the beatings. Since the media is acknowledging this abuses against women and not saying how it is a bad thing, it makes women feel like society accepts this and that it is a normal thing. This also ties in back with self worth because girls are thinking that this is how it is supposed to be then they think that they have no real value in society and aren’t going to do anything to stop
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