A Brief Essay On Gender Equality: Gender Inequality

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GENDER EQUALITY When it comes to gender, a lot of thoughts rush in especially regarding the equal treatment towards both men and women. It has always been a controversial and debated matter of issue addressed mainly by women seeking for their ‘rights’. So then, what is this right that we constantly keep speaking of? A common misunderstanding is that gender equality is only a right that women fight for. But No! Gender equality is being able to receive equal treatment and development benefits ‘regardless of whether you are a man or woman’; so it goes for both men and women. The Gender Equality Act 18/2016 In August 2016, the Gender equality bill was passed in Maldives by the parliament and the law governing gender equality came into effect. An…show more content…
Sad but true. Job interviews these days are exactly like that. Most female candidates are not even considered eligible if they are married or if they happen to have children and most employees tend to open the opportunities only for Male candidates. Similarly, for jobs opportunities in the felid of advertising, sales representatives and receptionists, male candidates are deprived of the opportunity on the ‘assumption’ that females would ‘probably’ perform better at the job. This is only a minor example of the struggle we go through on our first stage of employment. Not only do we face such gender discrimination in the work place, but also in our homes. Often we hear about vicious violence and abuse directed towards women. Such acts to make them feel unworthy, inferior or humiliated are also to be considered as discrimination against gender. This is harm either physical or psychological caused to the victim because they belong to the female gender. These include abusive behavior in the home environment, rape or any sexual exploitation, verbal abuse, obstructing them from earning or being financially independent; many of which we see happening in our day-to-day

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