Gender Discrimination In The Workplace Essay

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Research Problem: How selected women workers of La Huerta, Parañaque deal with work-related barriers and stigma against them. Significance of the Study: This study will be a significant endeavor in promoting good light on women workers who dominate the fishing industry despite it being a male-dominated workplace. Because sex discrimination is still pervasive in this day. This study would also be beneficial in recognizing gender discrimination in a modern workplace. Finding out what are the factors of inequality that women workers are facing would pave a way to creating more acts or laws on job security. This paper aims to discuss how women workers (i.e. fishers, dockworkers and vendors) deal with the work-related barriers and stigma in…show more content…
While enough representation and participation is good, women in male-dominated working environments face stress inducing situations such as social isolation and low-levels of support (Sehmer, 2015). That being said, women in the Philippines face pervasive discrimination, including lack of protection in most of their employment and work (Asian Development Bank, 2013). Even if job discrimination in the job placement is illegal (Volti, 2008), it takes more than a set of rules to make sure that women are completely welcomed by their male coworkers, since that the work environment in La Huerta is not governed by company policies. Stopping sex discrimination in the workplace provides a mechanism for remedying the workplace conduct (Wetchler, 2007) towards women. Participation in and of itself is not sufficient to advance women’s interests, the quality of jobs in terms of pay, hours, and conditions are critical (Orloff, 2002). If they make effort into protecting the male members of a group of fisher folks, then it should be just the same for women. Empowerment of women in the economic sector constitutes on of the fundamental objectives of the development efforts of a country (Bilkis, Habib, & Sharmin,

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