Gender Pay Gap

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Gender pay gap is a statistic data reflecting the difference between women and men’s median earnings. It shows the unfairness in the economy between women and men. Scholars from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Australia have said that this inequality is affected by lots of interrelated factors in society, family and work. The inequality shows from lower hourly wage, fewer hours in unpaid jobs and lower employment rates in women. Thus, this essay will first discuss the cause of the average full-time weekly earnings of women being lower than men. Secondly, the effect of women’s life choices and the pay gap. Lastly, the solution of related management apartment (公寓?) to this social problem. Gender discrimination is the most essential cause…show more content…
According to the survey of the American Association of University(AAUW), women who are working full time were paid just 79 percent of what men from the same job were paid in the United States. Additionally the gender pay gap between the average full-time weekly earnings of women and men is 17.3% in Australia, according to Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency(2016). Those data indicated an unbalanced workplace phenomena in different society. Moreover, AAUW found two interesting information about women’s life choices. The first finding is that most women are more likely to be employed in traditionally female dominant occupations, such as teaching, nursing and social work. However, less than five percent of men population work in these jobs. Similarly, less than six percent of women population work in the traditionally male dominant occupations. In a general way, traditionally male dominant occupations, such as computer programming and firefighting, can earn more money than traditionally female dominant occupations. The second finding is that women who are mothers will accept unfair work treatments easier than women who have no children. For example, women with children may pay a “motherhood penalty” and their salary will be lower than other women. In contrast, men who are fathers receive a wage premium after they have a baby and they are treated the same as other men. These unfair and disturbing phenomenons…show more content…
More and more governments have begun to build relevant laws to protect women’s right. Workplace gender equality act in Australia was applied rigorously. Beth(2012)reported that women and men must be get equal remuneration in their workforce, employers are required to write a report about the development of giving women equal work opportunity every two years. In the meanwhile, , most of data report must be published and staff can comment it. Furthermore, women in Australia are given the chance to work in senior workplace department, just like Beth(2012)said that “The gender composition of the workforce, and of any governing body such as a council or board of directors.” Since the problem of unfair gender treatment is valued and has improved, Australia is ranked 24th in global statistics and ranked 3rd in Asia and the Pacific region statistics for equal gender economy. The world economic forum organization recorded that “Australia is the second best country overall on the estimated earned income indicator.” Likewise, China also has a similar law demand as Australia. In China, women should not be discriminated in the workplace and no employers should refuse to hire a woman or make the hiring process more difficult for a woman. However, although the Chinese women are protected from wage discrimination, they still felt discrimination in work. Laws and regulations may be useful but gender inequality

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