Benefits Of Managing Cultural Diversity

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Managing Cultural Diversity 1.0 Introduction: Cultural diversity (also known as multiculturalism) refers to the traditions, norms, and values that affect the way a member of a group typically behaves, interact, make judgments and perceives (Ruth Mayhew, n.d.). Managing cultural diversity in a work place is a form of acknowledging the differences in individuals at the workplace. The recent business tendency of globalization and increasing ethnic and gender diversity are passing managers attention to managing cultural diversity. Large or small, organizations should value diversity in order to reinforce the organizational effectiveness (Ruth Mayhew, n.d.). 2.0 Essay Benefits: Expanding cultural expertise results in strength to communicate with,…show more content…
The benefits are also stated clearly which includes, having the strength to communicate with, understand and effectively interact with people across different perception, and work with varying cultural beliefs and arts. And also, diverse teams tend to produce much better decisions that homogenous groups, notably when it comes to much complex problems. Therefore, they all are together more effective at problem solving, decision making and at work progress. Unresolved conflict may arise when there are greater differences in communication. It is crucial that companies must train employees on cultural awareness and tolerance of different cultures to inspire them to openly discuss the different opinions. There are also many cases which the significant core of the turnover is poorly managed diversity. Constantly replacing employee lost will be costly and the competitors will take advantage if a top talented employee is lost. So employees’ diverse background must be welcomed and treated fairly among everyone Moreover, Creativity is increased in the organization at the same time since the groups of employees would be cross-fertilizing and sharing ideas with one another. Competitive advantages and also the productivity would be increased with the diversity of workforce. Job seekers are more interested in organizations with diversity since it assures that there’s no employee discrimination in such organizations. Therefore, potential candidates, with good qualifications, experience and new ideas would be attracted to the organization. This would also increase the competitiveness and competency of the workplace. Furthermore, existing talented staff could also be retained with the help of workforce diversity. Through a culturally

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