The Third Wave Feminism

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Feminist ideas and values have been developing throughout the academic world and creating new perspectives to adapt to the constant changing realities around societies. The empower of women and their representativeness in different levels and structures in the society is essential to bring real equality between men and women. In this essay, the focus will be on the Third Wave Feminism its development, the importance of the new technologies for its growth and the main issues around the theme. First, is important to briefly introduce the two previous waves of feminism and how they developed into the third wave, studied in this paper. The First Wave started during the industrial period, where liberal ideas and women's rights fight grew between…show more content…
These groups were connected mostly with the left political wing and presented a more radical opinion on women's empowerment and the equal rights (KROLOKKE, 2005 - pp. 2). Yet, it was only during the 80's and 90's that the developing countries women and women of color started the Second Wave in their realities. It is from the late 1990's on that the Third Wave of feminism started to develop in a world of post-Cold War, where information, technology and neoliberal ideas were emerging and getting more adepts. This feminist wave aims to question the past ideas of equity and evolution, bringing a more diverse and multiple values in world politics and society (KROLOKKE, 2005 - pp. 2). Since then, the Third Wave feminism goals focus on a broader range of…show more content…
It engages the public by encouraging them to be part of their nation’s cultural production rather than just consuming and reacting to it (Helene Shugart; Catherine Egley Waggoner D.; Lynn O'Brien Hallstein. 2001). The new innovative forms of activism that Third wave feminism has adopted, such as art, dance, personal storytelling, and websites are becoming increasingly appealing and marketable to many people. The idea of feminism itself is becoming popular, which leads to the labelling of Third Wave as ‘Pop feminism.’The Riot Grrrl movement was a key player involved with the restructuring of the feminist movement, as it bridged the gap between the Second and Third waves (KROLOKKE, 2005 - pp. 18). The Riot Grrrls sought to end the sexism occurring in the Washington, DC, punk rock music scene. They used the media to their advantage, and gave women around the continent an example of the level of strength and empowerment they gained by expressing themselves through music (Ryzik, Melena. 2011 - The New York

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