Classical Liberalism Analysis

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However it may be pointed out that while cultural libertarian’s feminists are generally culturally liberal there are some feminists who are cultural extremely conservative. They adhere to the views that classical liberalism should include traditional morality because according to them it is these morals that rea responsible for reproducing citizens capable of both autonomy and self-control. In this case a nuclear family can be taken as an example which places women on a disadvantage of sharing the burdens of reproduction alone (Okin 1989).The birth of a female child is still considered a curse and a social liability. In each corner of the world a girl faces discrimination and socially conservative feminist are not troubled by the burdens of…show more content…
Such qualitative, interviewing techniques are not quickly or easily mastered, and when done badly they are likely to yield more damage than good. There might been criticism that Okin had not grasped econometric theory afore quoting statistics on the income gap in her previous work. Okin constantly employed the technique of literature review in her claim of empirical social science, to me it appears to be just as suitable here as in the previous work that quoted, but did not produce, works by economists and psychologists. Okin's technique required her to use effective, intuitive studies, not to execute them herself. As a suitable critique, my aim, would be to point to studies that had a better social science, irrespective of the work done by…show more content…
The negative aspects of religious and cultural group that may extend from dressing codes to arranged marriages or the divorce procedure for Muslim women, all have a tinge of discrimination. Okin also argues that classical liberal views are self-negating. Many critic recall that equity feminism has a point that women are dominated when the state is unsuccessful to protect them and the liberal feminist also claims that workplaces should have strong laws to protect women from manipulation. And that education of the girls must be made compulsory for the development of their autonomy. Discrimination according to equity feminist is not a serious problem against women specially in countries like the United States they also argue that even if discrimination exist the expanded government interference would not serve any useful purpose. (Stolba and Furchtgott-Roth 1999, xii).Most of the equity feminist literature, is written keeping in mind the public policy and general audiences. So more concentration is paid to inferences and policy claims than to philosophical explanation. Several such justifications are mentioned in the literature. Satz and Reich have honored Okin in a way by assembling together an exceptional

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