Essay On Corruption In Pakistan

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Corruption is one of the most chronic & Long Standing issue all over world particularly in underdeveloped nations such as Pakistan where it has steered down in government foundations enough that can't be defeated of or crushed easily following the stakes of really powerful bureaucrats and corrupt politicians. Corruption has been deep routed in veins of all levels of the sectors & institutions either private or government from top to bottom and anti-corruption institutions have badly failed to stop & severely neglected this or even reduce the ongoing dishonesty and frauds. Corruption Destroys governance and because u don’t have Governance there will be no Investment there will be no Prosperity And there will be Poverty. A System is basically an Set of Structure; Organization; Order & Arrangement of things working together & Running as parts of a mechanism In any Society from Grass root levels. Pakistan, s System has been facing a unique and difficult dilemma for quite some time. Corruptions, politicization & Self-interest of the bureaucracy, nepotism, favoritisms and sifarish have become the bane of society. Pakistan is a country where politics is a game of loot and plunder and any challenger to the status quo -…show more content…
Money is becoming politics& politics is becoming the Source of money the culture is full of greedy tax-eaters. Politics always spoils institutions & Institutions which are running under the corrupt ruling head, s and Mafia’s. The Politics of Pakistan is becoming the self Interest Politics with every mean Either when somebody is Voting for his candidate In Mufadat parast or some Links which is the political Environment Dominated by Non – Progressive Elements brotherhood systems (BRADARI) of Tribal sardars , Feudal And peers.. There’s a saying that “If you want to make the mafia pay taxes, stop voting the

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