Stereotypes Of Canada Essay

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There are definitely many stereotypes about Canada. Canadians are known to be kind, apologetic, and seem to have an obsession with saying “eh?”. In this essay, it will be proven that this country has grown to become a land of equality. Social groups have been formed to create equality, and many have been successful in making their points into policies. Canadians have been taking a stand to have laws made so that everyone is equal politically. Canada has started to give every citizen an opportunity for employment and equal wages. Of course, Canada has not yet reached full equality, and it may take a while to do so. But it is believed that Canada is already very accepting compared to other countries. Voices are being heard every day to help make Canada…show more content…
Canada has made an effort to make sure everyone is equal, and this charter of rights and freedoms has proven that. By making a law that makes sure everyone is equal no matter what differences they have, Canada is ensuring that this country is a safe place for anyone, which is a step up from the discriminatory ideas and actions that had occurred before. Canada is also the first country to adopt multiculturalism as a policy in 1971. This country has made sure that they affirm the value and dignity of all citizens, despite their racial or ethnic origins. Multiculturalism is something Canada introduced to ensure that all citizens can keep and take pride of their identities, which leads to having a sense of belonging. Once again, Canada has become a country where making sure that everyone is welcome is one of the top priorities. Since this country was the first to take another step to being equal, they have accepted everyone’s beliefs which makes it easier to participate with other countries as well. Women have seemed to be a big topic when

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