The Importance Of Water Quality

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1. Introduction 1.1 Background of Study Water is the most significant requirement for all living creatures on this planet so it should be taken care about the importance of it. Water resources are of critical importance to both natural ecosystem and human development, and it is essential for agriculture, industry and human existence. The healthy aquatic ecosystem is depended on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics (Venkatesharaju et al 2010). Kurdistan is a region where is locating in the north part of Iraq, and it has many resources like ground water and surface water including rivers, lakes, dams and reservoirs, and those resources have their own significance and has their own benefits. Generally, reservoirs or dams that can be called artificial lakes are built because of providing some benefits like providing water supply, controlling flood, make the nature…show more content…
One of the basic reasons for building a dam is to accumulate water and save it for different seasons and provide water when it is needed. The quality of water in any reservoirs or dams is important, because the water will impact the environment and the water will be used for various purposes. Assessing the water quality resources is a necessary method in the improvement of water resources. Water quality may be defined in terms of particular features of water that are significant with regards to a convinced service (Tchobanoglous and Schroeder 1987). Darbandikhan Reservoir is like other reservoirs the deterioration will occur in the quality of water which is because of different amount of different parameters and heavy metals in the water, so that

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