Causes Of Discrimination Against Women

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Name: Solmaz Eyvazova Instructor's name: Elzana Aliyeva Cause Effect Essay Final Draft Data: 12.29.17 Discrimination Against of the Woman in Workplace “We know we are better off when women are treated fairly and equally in every aspect of American life, whether it is the salary you earn or the health decisions you make”, points out Barak Obama, the former president of United States of America. The discrimination against the woman might happen due to the women personal status, majority of employers have a viewpoint that male workers work much better than female workers and the stereotype about 'work for female. The first way the employers discriminate females is not hiring them to work because of…show more content…
According to the article ‘Why Employer Favor Men' written by the both assistant professors at Harvard Business School, Katherine B. Coffman and Christine L. Exley, the women workers earn approximately seventy -eight cent by doing the same job with the men, while men earn a dollar. First of all, it can take place because the employers want to hire the employees that are 'the best'. To show it more clearly Katherine B. Coffman and Christine L. Exley had a test. In addition, 900 people participated in the test, 100 were representing the people that were searching for job and 800 were representing the employers. For example, both women and men were tested by sport quizzes (stereotypically not hard for male). As the result, the men answered only to one question more than opposite gender representatives. The fact is that the managers were still much more pleased to hire men than women. Moreover, it might happen because psychologically the employers adore the male employees that look like or take after them. Furthermore, the directors engage the employees that have the same social status and gender. So, if the employer is male, he will hire male to work not female (Katherine B. Coffman and Christine L.…show more content…
As parents buy to their daughter toys ‘for girls’ such as Barbie doll houses, tea sets and the other kind of non-active plaything instead of buying toys that encourage the young ladies to progress knowledgeable, constructive, leadership and imagining skills. Consequently, many girls in adulthood choose the occupations like nursing, hairdressing or they do not want to work and later become housewives (Vanessa Barford). Thus, when the woman choose the job like astronaut, police or office worker they are being discriminated because only minority of the women choose ‘male’ jobs. According to the article “Do children’s toys influence their career choices?”, written by Vanessa Barford to the BBC News Magazine on 27 January 2014, approximately nine hundred thousand of males are working as a science and engineer but woman just two hundred thousand. The wrong choice of the toy in the childhood can change the whole further life of the young female. Eventually, even though the females can break the stereotype of woman working, many people underestimate and discriminate female employees. The real moral is that they are still at a disadvantage in the variety of job spheres because they are women. Therefore, it is the important to ask, can anyone imagine the present world without the women

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