Why I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

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Definition Essay A woman’s place is in the home and a man’s job is to bring home the bacon. Is that old stereotype still a part of American culture today? If womanhood and femininity are defined as being responsible for the domestic duties at home and always being subservient to the husband, if that is true who would not want a wife? According to the short essay “Why I want a Wife” the author, Judy Brady lists the responsibilities of a typical wife and her frustrations of men through an ironic essay. Judy Brady’s definition seems to be inconsistent with what a majority of people’s views on what a woman’s role should be. A person’s point of view on the definition of womanhood and femininity largely depends on social, emotional and geographical…show more content…
Jade Brady’s essay was written in the early 1970’s which was the beginning of the feminist movement. The typical lifestyle among families was for women to stay at home while men worked. Although many generalizations still exist much of this has changed, especially over the last few decades. Before the movement women would get married, have children and spend their lives looking after the children and doing the housework and as for the workplace it was male dominated. Today there are more women in the workforce than ever before. According to Judy Brady’s essay, she states “ I want a wife who must arrange time to miss work and not lose the job.” Brady statement shows that women were allowed to work but only if it fits their husbands work schedule. The author, William Raspberry, states “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could infect black children with the notion that excellence in math is ‘black’ rather than white, or possibly Chinese,” in his essay The Handicap of Definition. Raspberry quote shows that racial issues are just the same as the issue between the equality of men and women. Individuals of a different race are the same as women because they are believed to only be able to become a small window of things when they grow up. Increasing attention to the differences in men’s and women’s differences in the workplace would lead to gender equality and it would…show more content…
Discrimination against women in the workforce has always been a problem though the numbers are more engorging in society today there is still a need for major changes to achieve equality in society. Judy Brady’s essay lists all the qualities that a wife should be such as,a wife must take care of my physical needs, keep the house clean, cooks the meals, not bother with rambling complaints and to take care of the details of the husband’s social life. Technically, women have equal rights with men in American society. However, they are still kept out of certain jobs because they are women. The main ways in which women are treated unfairly are in ways society treats women and society’s expectations of what a woman can be and can not be. William Raspberry states “Unfortunately many of the things about which blacks make this assumption are things that do not contribute to their career success.” Racial discrimination is the reason that the lack of colored individuals excel in school and it is the same for women because the discrimination in the workplace handicaps women to become anything other than a wife or a mother. The sex of a person should not determine what type of duties or what kind of job a woman will have it because it should be up to a woman what she wants to be not want society intends her to

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