Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted? Common Sense or Gun Control? We live in a reactive society whereby we wait for things to go wrong then we form arguments based on the prevailing situation. American have been owning gun since time immemorial but it is not until something in the stature of the recent Las Vegas shootings, and Orlando shooting where arguments for gun control arise. America already have enough gun control laws and I opine that enactment of more laws to control gun usage among American citizens will not do much into eradicating gun-related deaths and injuries in our midst. Therefore, I strongly believe that we don’t need more gun control laws to protect American people. My basis for this standpoint is as detailed in the paper. My argument against new gun control laws will be based on the past laws that have hugely failed. It can be remembered that in 1994, the United States enacted Ban on Assault Weapon that was aimed at controlling gun use among its citizens, this law to…show more content…
This is one school of thought that proponent of gun control bill conveniently avoids. There is no denying that guns have been involved in some deaths of particular accident related gun deaths. By definition, an accident is an intentional event that we may not have control over its occurrence. However, with reference to such deaths, statistics show that are reduced incidences of gun-related accident deaths. This can mean that owners of the guns are responsible enough in the usage of the guns, another reason for the reduced number of accident-related gun-deaths can be by the fact licensed gun holders are voluntary going for firearm safety training for better gun usage. People are voluntarily taking part in these kinds of training void of government interference. As such, the focus should be on how to help people handle guns safely other than controlling what they are already making progress in
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