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The main purpose of this report is to analyze the causes and impact of food waste. Furthermore, the initiative on food waste reduction will also be analyzed. This report is written to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The background information on food waste is provided. Firstly, the causes of food waste are poor inventory control and poor consumers’ attitudes. Next, the impacts can be found in this report are increase global warming and increase the waste of natural resources. The initiatives can be done to overcome this issue are reduce the portion of food and launch awareness campaign. This report also provides several recommendations to reduce food wastage such as consumer have to act wisely when comes to purchase goods, while manufacturers…show more content…
The initiatives that can be taken are reducing the food portions and launch an awareness campaign. 4.1 Reduce Food Portions Firstly, reducing the portion of food is another initiative to combat the issue of food waste and food loss. According to (Dana, 2015), large restaurant or any food retailers can reduce the portion of foods offered because normally most of the consumers are unable to finish their foods and discard the excess due to its large quantity. Based on (Lehner, 2014), another way for restaurants or food outlets to minimize the problem of food waste is by offering different portion of food such as small, medium and large to the consumers so that they can choose according to their preferences without wasting any foods. For example, University of California Berkeley campus has implements LeanPath software, a food waste prevention software with the aim to reduce food waste in campus kitchen and it has successfully reduced this issue by 43% (Gunders, 2014). This can clearly clarify that reducing the portion size of foods can actually help in minimize the food…show more content…
The initiatives on food waste reduction are being analyzed as well. So, it is significant to solve this problem as it brings negative externalities toward the societies and environments. Every party should play their own roles in minimizing the food wastage rate as low as possible. Try to think of those who suffer from hunger before you waste your foods. 6.0 Recommendations This report provides the following recommendations to minimize food wastage:  Households have the responsibilities to plan their meals properly and they should think wisely during shopping. Before purchasing is done, every consumer should notice the details printed on the package of foods to reduce food wastage (Gunders, Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill, 2012).  Manufactures should invest in better equipment and implement a better management technique to reduce the granules or crops to being discarded during the stage of production (Dana, 2015).  The government can play their roles in promoting more awareness campaigns or educate individual to recycle and reuse expired or rotten foods. These foods will come in handy if there are handle in a proper manner instead of just throw it away (Dana,

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