Eminem: The King Of Hip-Hop

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Eminem has attained a position of eminence in the American cultural scene. He has broken the preconceived notions and tread new grounds. love him or hate him, facts about Eminem says a lot about the person committed to accomplishing his dream, defying odds in the process. The American rapper and songwriter is known as the King of Hip-Hop, he has several achievements to his credit, these can be obtained by browsing the net but here we offer you interesting insights about the man who has become an icon. Keywords: Facts about Eminem Also use keywords in the starting of the paragraph. 1. Eminem's mother sued the public school board when severe bullying of Eminem by other kids led to temporary blindness and concussion. 9-year-old Marshall Mathers…show more content…
Eminem used the word "Nigga" only once and he decided to censor it. Over the course of a long, successful career, Eminem has dissed several celebrities such as Moby, limp Bizkit, Micheal Jackson, Christina Aguilera. Sometime's he dissed them to get even and at other times he took them on because their name's rhymed with his lyrics, however, he has remained unapologetic about throwing shades on them. But there is an exception to every rule, Eminem voluntarily bleeped the word "Nigga" from his record because he did not want that word in his song.(source) 5. Matt Damon's role in Elysium, a 2013 sci-fi movie was first offered to Eminem, but he turned it down as the movie would not be shot in his hometown, Detroit. Matt Damon was not the first choice for Elysium, Neill Blomkamp approached Eminem for the role of Max Da Costa. Eminem was interested but he wanted the movie to be shot in his hometown, the two studios (Media Rights Capital & Tristar Pictures) refused and the role went to Matt. (source) 6. In the early days of iTunes, Universal Music Group used to deduct artists’ iTunes royalties, claiming costs for “packaging” and “breakage” on digital downloads, until Eminem sued…show more content…
The increased consumption of the prescription drugs led to stomach aches and he began to compensate by eating (to dull the pain). In 2007, he collapsed from an overdose of Methadone. He was rushed to the hospital where the doctors told him that his organs were beginning to shut down due to methadone (the effect was equal to about four bags of heroin). The doctors did not expect him to survive but Eminem somehow managed to beat the odds. After a brief relapse, Eminem has managed to get clean on 2008. (source 1,2

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