Essay On Disaster Response

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Resources for Disaster Response Resources play a critical role in assisting local, state, and federal governments manage a variety of small-scale and large-scale disasters. When implemented effectively, resources are a great contribution to disaster response, and one of many mechanisms used to protect and save lives. The purpose of this paper is to discuss two resources typically included in an action plan, and identify additional resources that all levels of government can use during disaster response. Background Manmade and natural disasters often cause a high degree of damage, negatively impact the environment, and a significant amount of lives to be lost. One of the most difficult parts of disaster response is finding the best assignment of available resources to operational areas. The quality of response efforts can greatly improve by effectively using available resources. However, the number of available resources to perform disaster response tasks is not always limitless. Therefore, becoming familiar with resources included in an action plan will help maximize…show more content…
Additionally, the public and responders often experience short-term and long-term mental stress, and a common mental health disorder called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Providing psychological first aid can help alleviate these emotions and begin the healing process within a community. Moreover, psychological services allow people with preexisting mental health conditions to continue their treatment plans during an emergency, and assistance for any new symptoms. Qualified and authorized mental health professionals will provide a variety of services such as counseling, a triage system for victims with acute distress, outreach, and education during a crisis or
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