Waste Management In Malaysia

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Waste Management Conference (Comfori Conference Producer Assignment) Candidate Name: Azrain Azman Contact: 0173479771 Email: azzrainazman89@yahoo.com Waste Management Conference Overview Waste management plays an important element in order to sustain the wellbeing of the nation in the future especially for developing countries to maintain the consumerism way of living that is becoming an issue in Malaysia. Consumerism defines as the majority of the societies are encouraged to consume more and more products everyday through marketing influences in everyday lives. This ideology is encouraged mainly to boost economic growth of the nation. The result of this ideology snowballs to a level that consumers over consume…show more content…
This is because the regulations of the waste management are stricter than Malaysia where disposal companies refuse to collect wastes that are not organized accordingly. Due to the refusal to collect the unorganized waste, owner of the premise will be subjected to a fine for piling unorganized waste. They are required to separate biodegradable waste such as food waste that is strained of water from other biodegradable waste such as paper containers. Also, wastes that aren’t biodegradable are collected separately and bulky waste requires a specialized location to be dumped. These classifications of waste are to ensure that the society contributes to the waste management program that they enforced and to make it easier for garbage disposal operators to segregate the waste pile…show more content…
Awareness such as conferences and campaigns are done to educate the society about the importance of waste management to be adapted in daily lives. Furthermore, facilities such as recycling bins and informative ads are placed among us to guide and simplify the procedures. As such initiatives are done; certain percentages of the society are still struggling to adopt these values as they are not clear with the procedures due to lack of experience of this practices. Also, the authorities need to tighten the regulations of this matter to indirectly motivate the society to act according to the system. Therefore, more of the awareness campaigns needed to be done by experienced speakers related to the matter to further educate and enhance the society, government bodies and independent organization about the importance of waste management so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and roles. The awareness is also emphasized to government bodies to ensure that they will produce more campaigns and tighten the regulations regarding the waste management program. This matter is crucial and needs to be look upon before we realize that it is too late to act and we as a society failed to take care of our own waste and destroy

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