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ENVS 1301 INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT UNIT 4 Introduction The natural cycle I have selected and studied for This week Written assignment Unit 4 is about “Water’. Every human in The world has a vital impact on the water cycle and, as well as myself. Each day we are using or consuming the resources it really has a significant and influential in into the water cycle. Sometimes We often used resources without thinking much about it. It is simply normal to us, that’s enough of these resources are available to the people. We pretend that Water is simply regularly available to us without limitation. In every single day which that, I am taking a shower, a bath, and cook with water or just go swimming in a sea or wherever I like to, of course, have a significant impact on our water cycle in my perception. Water is one of the most important and basic needs of life, which that the water we are using is coming from our community water supplying…show more content…
This is due to the industry factors and traffic makes the acid rain which the acid rain critically endangered and falls and makes the plants, and all others ill and challenging to use. Again, the groundwater could be contaminated with chemicals and other toxins harming if we do not use properly and not to worry about the deposit or using of recycled properly or waste garbage or purchase goods which are created from plastics. Therefore, every time we use a product created from plastics or produced with water, we have also a significant influence on our water cycle. If we don’t understand and don't care about our environment protection plan, for example, if we don’t recycle waste materials the way its belonging, it is critical and creates a big problem our water cycle as well. Everyday A waste of a lot of electrical power in our home requires to a whole part to continue fuelling for generating power stations is also an influence on the water

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