Reaction Paper About Why Rich People And Poor People

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LaShonda Valentine Reaction Paper #1 1. Quote: “Why are there rich people and poor people, abled and disabled, urban and rural, multilingual and monolingual, highly educated and poorly educated?” My thinking: I can imagine that in the suburban school district a lot of parents can afford the additional fees to contribute to their children education which in rural and urban areas they have little to no money to contribute. With students who have disabilities, you have more one on one attention to help you with your success. I find being multilingual a positive…show more content…
We can’t rescue every student, but it’s best to wrap around those students who are falling between the cracks. 5. Quote: “The teacher should ask the child in time out to come up with a plan.” My thinking: I see all the time with the B.I.S.T. plan that students are asked to fill out a form on what they did only for them to do it again without an explanation of their actions. There is not a teaching moment for doing this. Implications: Mandatory one on one sessions going over referral sheets to follow up on what took place and how the problem was resolved. Their possible may need to be some adjustments to cut down on behaviors. 6. Quote: “Students are more likely to follow their own rules” My thinking: This thought may work at the preschool and elementary level, but once kids hit middle school a teacher must make up rules due to kid’s maturity level. Implications: All teachers on each grade level before the start of the school year will come together as a team and come up with team rules so that everyone is on the same

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