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The United States Postal Service, is much larger (even with a reduced labor force in the past 20 years) and complex than most people think. Unlike any other agency or corporation, no other entity is located in as many towns or has almost every resident of the U.S. as a patron/customer. The USPS is charged with providing a means of communication to all of the people in the U.S. at a reasonable rate. They are also charged with the safe keeping of the items that pass through the system. The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, is the congressional committee that oversees the USPS. The powers of the USPS are limited and great at the same time, athough the USPS is separate from the government, they must also have any postage rates approved…show more content…
The main way would be to raise, with approval, of postage rates. The other way, also with approval would be the closing of smaller offices and where a person would have to go to retrieve their mail, such as at their door versus, a larger box that multiple people would use in a central location. Like all agencies there are pluses and minuses, from my thinking the USPS provides a great product that benefits both citizens and business alike. Where they could improve is their management and the motivation of the workers, the incentive to do not just a good job but a great job is stymied by the managers and the process by which managers are chosen. The person that I interviewed, told me they got their job at the USPS by passing and scoring high on a civil service exam that the USPS offers every few years as nessacary. After that they were put on a waiting list, to be called for an interview, until there were job openings in their particular community. It is based entirely on merit. The duties at their job require that the person be bonded and honest, the USPS has a high reputation for security. The day to day of their duties has remained fairly constant from the time of Thomas Jefferson, for a Letter Carrier they are charged with sorting the mail in order of delivery in the morning, and delivering the mail after that. They are responible for many items of great value and items…show more content…
I also saw a good number of jobs in aviation that required a military background. I did not see any summer jobs availble in my area, which is very rural and there are not many jobs of any sort availble without travelling. The area that has interested me and what I study is art, pottery and painting, tradionally the jobs availble for those particular jobs come in the teaching field. Since I am retired from a career, and I attended college not as a steeping stone to a job but for educational purposes only, this is not something that motivates meet in my education. I would reccomend a job in government. Jobs in government are mostly free of people being hired or fired without just cause. Government jobs provide security, whichs allows a person to explore their outside interest without putting their financial expectations on the line. Government jobs fill a desire to be of benefit to fellow citizens and to be proud of this

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