Food Packaging Research Paper

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Packaging has been considered as the science and art of shielding products for the purpose of distribution. It is also for the designing process, evaluating and producing of the packaged items. Packaging may be divided in three types: primary, secondary and tertiary. Labeling is either written, electronic, or graphical communications on the packaging. The objectives of labeling: brand identification, providing the information and promotion. Labels on the food products are proposed for consumer information. It also helps in selling the product and choices of food items. It is the sole accountability of the firms for the healthiness and protection of consumers (Ababio et al, 2012). Misleading information might be the causes for human diseases.…show more content…
Inappropriate knowledge of food level, the consumer goes in the wrong direction in the selection of healthy food items. Therefore, it has been shown in several researches that the language written on the food item as label is big problem to the customer in the interpretation of the label at the time of purchasing the food item. It has been recommended that both English and the local language should be used on the food label. It will help to the consumer for better information as well as in taking judgment for the buying the items (Schmidt and Loving, 2011). The food is covered with printed paper which is named as package; and the information written on it is being named as the condition of label. Thus, it is called food label. Due to the growing requirement of processed food among the consumers, food label is divided into two parts: i. the food label; and ii. the nutritional label. The complete label develops the overall image of the specific food, whereas, the nutritional information provides information which is associated to the health of…show more content…
However, the consumer becomes confused in taking judgment due to the growing number of food processing firms as well as the accessibility of several packaged foods in the market. Thus, with nutritional information on food label has made simple to the consumer in taking judgment at the time of buying. It also helps in better food choice at time of buying (Prinsloo et al, 2012). The consumer receives direction in choice making during pre and post purchasing by the food label (van et al, 2014). A well organized food label plays multi-dimensional role such as giving nutritional information (Grunert and Wills, 2007), controlling food associated allergies (Voordouw et al, 2009) and expiry date (Sanlier and Karakus, 2010). Some of the studies have also opened the fact that the food label guide to the consumer and those patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses. This helps in obeying the dietary recommendations available on the food label in the consisting of nutritional information (Rothman et al, 2006). It has been postulated that the requirement of nutritional information on the food label has been improved. Further, the consumer is very cognizant for their health (Campos et al,

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