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Related Studies Local: In cartoon shows, banana peels are commonly present when characters in the show are about to slip, and some scientists wondered if this is true. A scientific research was conducted about this matter and states that it is possible to slip when stepping on a banana peel-since the banana peel decreases the friction of the shoe sole by one-fifth of it. (J. Ballini, 2014) According to Liesl Clark, banana peels can also be natural alternative sources of shoe polish, teeth whitener, and a tomato plant fertilizer. It also has compounds that can be used as insecticides. (L. Clark, 2013) Banana peels are also good in depression, sleeping better, lowering cholesterol, and being safe from cardiovascular diseases. (Dr. Haider, 2013) Studies have found that banana peels contain more tannin compared to the fruit itself. Tannins are in great use for food preservation, and an element of an insecticide. (H. M., 2013) Also, researchers found out that the fruit peels have collected all the insecticidal residue when they are compared to the fruit inside it. (H. M., 2013) A study once concluded that banana peels, a waste material, have good potential as…show more content…
According to a study, banana peels can be a bio-plastic. Through its starch and cellulose – who really needed in making a plastic. This bio-plastic will help environment to remain its clean state, since it will lessen the present pollutions found in the society. Banana peels can also be an alternative commercial linen paper and alternative toothpaste, according to Precious Cabrido and M.J.A.C., since the peels has this property who can be used in making papers, and banana peels are also a healthful one since it contains soluble fiber, vitamin B6, potassium etc. and that it can protect and maintain the health of the teeth every

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