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An individual’s identity is constructed throughout the events and experiences that one faces within their lifetime. Personalities change, and opinions begin to alter based on their overall surroundings. Growing up in Canada, I have been a part of many experiences throughout my upbringing that would not have been offered in another Country. Canada has ultimately influenced the way I see the world around me and the decisions that I make subconsciously. Many times, I go about my daily life without the consideration of how being Canadian radiates through each step I take. Therefore, I feel that the actions/opinions I take within my life completely parallels the ideals of being Canadian. Within the article by Sack (1993), he states geographies “self-evident…show more content…
Being able to witness many of the natural wonders than Canada offers is very rare for some individuals. People who live in the bigger cities or in remote locations in Canada may not get the experience to hike Niagara Gorge, or even many of the trails Ontario has to offer. Within “The Power of Place and Space” by Robert Sack (1993), he states that “the or out of place and spatial interaction leads to questioning the meaning of any landscape”. While exploring to find these caches, I have witnessed many different aspects of nature and been able to learn a lot more about Canada. Many landscapes have left me questioning certain aspects, such as the train station that I recently found one at. Using the example of the train station, I can see something I never saw before and learn the underlying meaning on this place. Trains are a source of transportation for many people, mostly those who work in Toronto. The way humans travel is an important part of geography as it relates to the travel and movement of ideas and concepts. Overall, the idea of geocaching helps me relate to the landscapes around me and offers be a different point of view when it comes to be a Canadian. Our country is something for us to discover. It allows us to learn new things and be a part of a bigger picture consisting of a society and culture of patriotism and

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