The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Essay

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Plastic has become an important and useful part of our world. In the Great Pacific Ocean Gyre there is six times more plastic than plankton, which is the main food for many ocean animals. By estimation eighty percent of the plastic originates from land; floating in rivers to the ocean or blew by the wind into the ocean. The remaining twenty percent of the plastic originates from oil platforms and ships (Facts). The Great Pacific Garbage Patch should be reduced by the following three ways: reduce plastic use, eat less harvested fish, and participate in beach cleanups. Many people in the world uses plastic, without it, life would be less convenient. A lot of people don’t realize how plastic is affecting wildlife, lands and the oceans. Plastic…show more content…
It had died by eating twenty five plastic shopping and garbage bags” (Geof Knight). This is most common to other wildlife animals. The desert have also suffered from plastic pollution. Animals are eating the plastic left behind by visitors and tourists. They even choke on it or starve to death because the plastic blocks their intestines. Just like seabirds in the ocean, camels, sheep, goats, and cattle. Well as other wildlife that are dying after eating plastic. As you can see from ocean to desserts, there is no escape from plastic pollution. About seven hundred five thousands tons, comes from lost, broken or threw out/thrown out fishing nets. Part of the reason fisheries are in trouble is that people (who use a product or service) didn't know the hits/effects of their choices. “But it’s extremely important to think about where the fish comes from, because those factors affect not only your health, but also the future of wild fish stocks, which we and countless other species depended on for our survival” (Rachel Clark). These days it more and more important to know not only what you’re eating and where it’s come from. From food co-ops, farmers markets, and community supported farming (CSA), to whole (long walkways between seats) (and grocery stores) gave and reserved to natural, organic, local and (able to last/helping the planet)

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