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Haigh’s Chocolates is a well renowned and oldest family owned company in confectionary industry of Australia. It was incorporated in May 1915 by Alfred E Haigh and now the company is run by the fourth generation. It’s headquarter is located in Adelaide. Now the company has over 500 employees throughout its factory and administration, and it has 14 retail stores located across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney (Haighschocolates.com.au, 2015). The company’s secret of successful survival since its incorporation lies in its old-fashioned approach to business. They themselves produce chocolates from fresh chocolate beans rather than importing chocolates (Birchall, 2013). Marketing Background of the Company Haigh’s Chocolates has a strong brand image…show more content…
Mars Australia Pty Ltd Although Mars Australia Pty Ltd produces many other items than chocolates, but following marketing mix is according to its chocolate business (mars.com, 2015) Products/Services M&M’S, Snickers, Dove, Galaxy, Mars, Milky Way, Twix, Musketeers, Balisto, Bounty, Maltesers, Revels, Amicelli, Combos, Celebrations, Kudos, Tracker, Ethel M, Goodness Knows, and Pure Dark Pricing Strategy Company justifies its pricing policy periodically to justify the charges on its consumers. Promotion Mass media advertising, Social media Promotion, public relations, sales promotion, Print Media Advertising, personal selling and in-store promotion Distribution/Placement It has liaises with leading stores of the country and distribute products through these…show more content…
• Haigh’s Chocolates should promote sustainability. It should promote the importance of sustainable practices, so that consumers could also contribute to sustainable development through their purchases and consumption ways. • The company must ensure that the company itself and its sourcing partners are not involved in any unacceptable labour practices (particularly child labour). • The company must be aware of the fact that now people consider health-benefit factors while making their purchases. So, Haigh’s must promote health benefits of their chocolates, particularly premium chocolates in advertisements and promotional campaigns. • Haigh’s Chocolates should specialist itself as a green specialist supplier. Thus ensuring each marketing program elements-Product, Pricing, Placement, and Promotion-to be designed as a contribution to green marketing

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