Columbine Drama Analysis

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How did your use of the explorative strategies deepen your understanding of who was affected by and who was to blame for the Columbine Massacre? For our first unit one drama exam we started to look at a topic to do with Columbine. Not knowing what our stimuli was going to be at first I was curious to see what was going to take place for the next couple of weeks. We began with a Double Period of Drama where our teacher’s had laid out four artefacts and each of the artefacts had different Drama Mediums in them to do with our topic. Every artefact we came across exposed us to a new character and each character had a specific set of items that helped to tell a story of who they were. After we gathered some information we had to create a short…show more content…
The purpose of doing the monologues was to portray the emotion that the parents and friend and family were going through and the pain that came with the whole situation. We had to use a more naturalistic way of doing this task as we couldn’t have just done role-plays. For this task I was particularly pleased with my own performance. I used the prop that was given to us in a different way and took a different path from the other students who used it as just a seat or a grave stone. I wanted to create a since of tempo and build up to my piece. Personally it gave me a sense about how different parents or friends or family members connected to victim would have reacted in that situation. So far in my mind I was already answering the question of “Who was affected by the tragedy?” And it became clear that the parents in my personal opinion was, the ones that was most affected, as losing your child is something no parent should ever experience. The person I felt could have been improved more was Eden because of the following reasons. He really didn’t showcase anything tragic, all though he had some good elements to his piece I felt it could have been a lot better, by using some more drama mediums and really showcasing the true emotion of what his character would actually feel in a situation like that. He could have also explored more with the Stimuli that was given to

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