Marketing Strategy In International Marketing

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INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STRATEGY POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT Submitted to, The Institute Of Commercial Management (ICM), Hampshire, England, U.K Behalf of Director: Brendan Coyle International College Of Technology (ICOT), Dublin. on 27/07/2015 Submitted by, Mohammed Azeem Azeez Student number: 2222802 Introduction : An organisation markets its goods or launch new services domestically or internationally, the term of marketing still applies. Domestic Marketing and International Marketing have wide difference in effect. First of all Markets and Marketing is growing to International in nature and managers around the world need to analyse properly before starting or introducing their Organisation in new country. It is very…show more content…
The development of international Marketing and partnerships could be done by giving tender notice or franchise requirement notice , so local party who is in interest may contact our Organisation to support and build our capacity and capability in research, education, sector, enterprise from them we can build/introduce new path to International Marketing in their country. *Here in this Assignment I would like to select Mc. Donalds, and its entry to Indian Market as focus on geographical market or region. McDonalds is a leader in convenient foods and beverages, they are famous and trusted food stores in Europe and America with registeration of about $23 billion and over 1.59 million approximate employees serving the customer’s world-wide. The corporations increasing success has been based on their performance as well high standards of marketing strategies, competitiveness, determination, trusted, commitment, advertisement customer satisfaction and the personal and professional integrity/destiny of their people, products and business practices which made keep on successful in every franchises…show more content…
Standardisation requires less investment than adaptation , by bringing new model advertisements, packaging and presentations lines will be expensive, so Mc. Donald’ s follow the same packages, advertisements and product lines used in domestic market for international markets as well. The Standardisation or Adaptaion Of Mc. Donald’s Findings (Researchers finding from webpage Observation , 2012). Out of 119 countries , choosing 3 countries, U.S.A , England and India for usage of products. The following numbers denote their meaning. 0 – USA products do not appear in different countries. 1 – the same as USA and same product as USA. 2 – the same name as USA , but different product as USA 3 – different name from USA , but same product of USA 4 – different name of USA, also different product of USA 5 – same web page layout (colours, slide

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