Aerated Drinks Perception

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A STUDY ON CONSUMERS’ PERCEPTION OF AERATED DRINKS Neha Rewale ABSTRACT The major constituent of our body is filled with liquid fluid and it is a very essential requirement and needs to be fulfilled. In modern life there are different kinds of soft drinks available in market such as carbonated drinks, juices, milk products and fruit drinks. This study will help the company to get extensive knowledge about the consumer’s perception about the aerated drinks and can thus plan out their strategies to influence the customer perception. Aerated drinks segment include all carbonized drinks such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, ThumsUp etc. The study makes an attempt to understand people’s preference related to drinks. For this research demographic…show more content…
Shankar (2010) has revealed that what we hear (be it music, the sounds we make while eating, or even pure tones or bursts of white noise) can have a dramatic effect on our perceptions of food and drink. Auditory stimuli influence people's consumption rates, their preference ratings and their flavor assessments, and have even been shown to significantly impact on the overall amount that people consume. We highlight a number of explanations, including multisensory integration, attention, associative learning and expectations that have all been put forward in order to account for these cross-modal effects. Thus, it is evident that various other factors too affect consumer purchase…show more content…
Results suggest that several factors may be associated with soft drink intake in school-aged children, most notably taste preferences, soft drink consumption habits of parents and friends, soft drink availability in the home and school, and television viewing. A study by Santosh Madheswaran (2009). According to William R. George (1999), reveal purpose of factors responsible for brand preference in soft drink industry. Increase in competition, due to globalization is motivating many companies to base their strategies entirely on building brand. Brand preference means to compare the other brand and to opt for the best. Brand preference is affected by various factors. These are attribute which are external like advertisement, brand ambassador, packaging, pricing. And internal like the companies brand name and its functioning, taste, health

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