Factors That Affect Student Motivation

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In this world which is highly technological, as an individual we are more easily to get distracted by things around us whereby it might demotivate us in completing our task such as learning or studying. For instance, if there were phone calls coming or it was showing our favourite television programme when we are trying to complete an assignment or preparing for examination, we tend to loss focus on what we are doing and pay more attention on other things that we have more interest in. However, motivation is essential to each and every of us as it guides and leads us to achievement. Motivation to learn in crucial as it supports students in their long-term learning process. Students have to be motivated in order to be actively engage in their…show more content…
In my opinion, there are also other factors that will affect students to be motivated such as peer influences, lecturer’s teaching styles or environment and motivation within self whereby shows that the arguments stated parents is the main outcome to get student to be motivated is not totally true. According to Gregory (2009), each and every student may be motivated to accomplish a task given even though their types of motivation within self may differ. There are two types of motivation which is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Individual who is more likely to be intrinsic motivated intend to perceive the academic program as enjoyable, fun and exciting because it is motivated by their internal desire in participating for their own sake (Gregory, 2009). Research (Douglass & Morris, 2014), indicates that individuals who construct their own understanding on information that had been conveyed to them rather than just accepting those information are more likely to be intrinsic motivated in which results them to perform better in high cognitive task. Extrinsic motivated students are more prone to complete the particular task given so that they are able to receive certain reward or avoid foreseeable punishment (Gregory, 2009). Research (Gregory, 2009) shows that students who are extrinsic motivated incline to tasks that are lower in difficulties…show more content…
According to Douglass and Morris (2014), teachers play an important role in student motivation. In believing and having high expectation that students can accomplish the task given is a support necessary in encouraging them to learn (Douglass & Morris, 2014). Students who feel that lecturers believe in their capabilities, will increase their self-confidence and are motivated to achieve a task (Douglass & Morris, 2014). Hence, by providing significant guidance and construct a setting that allow student to make their own choices often inspire students and upturn their internal motivation to learn (Douglass & Morris, 2014). Peer influences are also one of the factors that will affect students’ motivation. Individuals today spend most of their time in school interacting with friends around them rather than staying at home. Research (Molloy, Gest & Rulison, 2011) indicates that one’s academic engagement and performance will be influence by their peers. Students who tend to appraise their abilities and potential by comparing with those of their peers are more likely to develop a sense of competencies which might lead them be motivated and make improvement in their academic performances (Molloy, Gest & Rulison, 2011). There are also challenges that university faced in motivating students. According to Ames (1992), classroom setting is definitely one of the challenges faced by university. Classrooms nowadays

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