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CHAPTER-1 SYNOPSIS ON GRIEVANCE MANANGEMENT Introduction: A grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction raised in employees that affect their working life in the organization, it is voiced or unvoiced. None human being in this universe is ever satisfied with all aspects, likewise the employees who are working in organization may not be satisfied with all the aspect of their employment such as working condition, compensation, leave policy, transfer, promotion, welfare, co-workers, management, recreation facilities, equipments, HR policies supervisors etc.. Most of the dissatisfaction may be because of genuine facts & some are imaginary, which is connected with the organization. But at the end of the day if this grievance is left unattended…show more content…
The article “Assessing discipline handling and grievance management procedure” that was published in International journal, it states that discipline & grievance management is a part of organizational management. Conflict of interest & disobedience is the main form of indiscipline withnessed. The nature of a work place is that from time to time will give raise to complaints and disputes. These complaints need to be addressed based on the rules and regulation including grievance handling procedure within the organization. New employees are exposed to these rules and regulation during orientation, new employees are exposed too these rules and regulation during orientation. Thus orientation for new employees in organization is a very important…show more content…
This will ultimately leads to the strikes, employees absenteeism & employee turnover. Thus it’s the responsible for a human resource department to understand each and every individual in the organization about the grievance they are facing and to implement the efficient machinery for redressing their grievance through proper management which increases their working life. If the grievance is not addressed it results in lack of industrial relation. OBJECTIVES: • To identify grievance management in MANMUL organization. • To identify & understand grievance of employees. • To investigate the root cause for dissatisfaction. • To evaluate or ascertain the possible steps to avoid greviance Scope of the study: 1. This study is made only for MANMUL. 2. This study is undertaken to know under which criteria employees are dissatisfied. 3. This study helps in knowing how grievance is been redressed by MANMUL.

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