Difference Between Rugby And Rugby

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Research, compare and contrast the sport of Rugby with American Football. • Discuss some of the differences in the rules of each sport, and the equipment used. Rules in Rugby For Rugby, there are two time periods that last 40 minutes each with a ten minute half time. Players should place down the ball on the touch line to be scored. What is same is that both games score points when kicking the ball into the goal posts. More participants are allowed, with 15 players involving in the game. In addition, substitutions numbers are strictly limited up to seven. Foremost, a mouthguards are required. Pads on head, shoulders, collarbone are only the modest. Rules in American football Different from Rugby, American football has 4 time periods with…show more content…
The development of Rugby The rule of Rugby came up firstly in 1845. About 30 years later, the first Rugby organization called Rugby Football Union was established in 1871. With the colonization of British, Rugby Ball gradually expanded to worldwide and became a cosmopolitan sports. As its increasing population, Rugby was introduced to Olympics Games in 1925. However, with the retirement of the former president of International Olympic Committee, Rugby Ball was canceled out. In 1987, the Rugby World Cup was firstly held and the first Women’s Rugby World Cup was held in 1991. Origins of American Football The history of American football can be traced to early versions of rugby and soccer. Both Rugby and Soccer had their own developments in Britain in the mid-19th century. American football resulted from several major divergences from rugby, notably the rule changes instituted by Walter Camp, a Yale graduate considered to be the "Father of American Football". Among these important changes were the introduction of the line of scrimmage and of down-and-distance…show more content…
The league consists 32 teams from different regions and cities. Famous competitions On February 3th, 2014, the 48th NFL super bowl stadium was held in New Jersey. The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos with the score of 43-8, winning the first championship in franchise’s history. This was the second competition between the best attacking team and the best defense team since 1990. At the beginning of the competition, The Seattle Seahawks scored 2 only in 12 seconds. With continuous attacking of The Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos made continuous mistakes in the second section. When the first half ended, The Seattle Seahawks was placed in a favorable situation, winning 22 scores while Denver Broncos got zero points. Finally, Danver Broncos broke the record of zero scoring as Thomas finished a touchdown in the final of the third section. Beating Danver Bronco with 43-8, The Seattle Seahawks won the champion of Super Bowl in the last. • Comment on the popularity of each sport in different regions of the world.

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