The Essence Of Being An Educator Essay

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The Essence of Being an Educator. Being an educator starts with choosing it as a career. There may be several reasons for a person to choose teaching; it may be idealistic or practical (Ornstein & Levine, 2008). However, it was never my intention to become a teacher before I entered college. My inclination was actually on the field of Philosophy and Science; however, faced with the ever-changing challenges as to how to use my knowledge in the practical world we are living in, I veered my disposition on the field of education. Despite the fact that being an educator bestows you the burden of immense responsibility (Yüce, et al., 2013) I was motivated idealistically, of my desire to impart knowledge and perform a valuable service to society by affecting behavioral and social change to someone else’s life. Perhaps it is also inherent for us to have compassion towards our next generation that is why most of the people choose to teach as a profession (Yüce, et al., 2013). Teaching does not only bestows you with great responsibility but also along the path of being an effective teacher are several hurdles of difficulties…show more content…
In (Tulio, 2000), Alexander Mood’s qualities of a good teacher are enumerated. Some of these qualities are rooted/linked to some areas of psychology specifically psychology of learning and motivation (Ornstein & Levine, 2008). One of the qualities of an effective teacher is ‘showing concern for the well-being of the students in the class. It resembles the philosophy of Pestalozzi in which he would make the environment conducive to learning and make sure that the student is ready to receive knowledge by making sure they are not hungry and by comforting them if they are frightened before he would start teaching them (Ornstein & Levine, 2008). That way the readiness for learning of the child is

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