Feminism And Criminology Theory

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In the 21st century one of the most intriguing fact is there is an increase in female crimes and decrease in number of female child. Law students and people in general are aware or made aware of criminology theories given by Male criminologists more and less of Female criminologists. Feminism and criminology is not forgotten, but less remembered. The tragic consequences seen today against females clearly indicate that it has a strong history. But traditionally the scenario is that Criminology is masculine branch of social science because it attributes the study largely of male crimes and male victimization, with very little attention paid to role of gender and especially about women. The theories that this branch of social science deals are…show more content…
She contributed with her work Women, Crime and Criminology in 1977, where she firmly argues how the field of criminology is contributing to subjugation of women by men. This was one of the first openly critiques of Criminology in Britain, although prior to her pre- feminist work was done by two people – Heidensohn in 1968 and Bertrand in 1969 on the neglect of women in study of crime. But Carol’s work is far more appreciated. Carol Smart’s foresight was that she viewed criminology as the “atavistic man” intellectual endeavours and wished to abandon it because she could not see what it had to…show more content…
First, they ask whether theories generated so far by criminologist to describe men’s or boys offending can apply to women and girls? They call this as ‘generalizability problem’. Secondly, they ask why women commit less crime than men? Is it really a truth that women commit far less crime than men or is it just to pacify the gender gap? They call this problem as ‘gender ration problem.’ Their problem is the express concern about the implication of theories of crime, which must be able to take into account both men’s and women’s criminal behaviours and highlight the factors that operate different on men and

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