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College or higher education is a valued tool for preparing individuals as they become adults with an organized environment conducive for gaining independence, knowledge and skills to make their own way, be employed and help society. Attaining higher education opens doors and gives an individual numerous opportunities and benefits. This is the time wherein students invest their time, effort and energy to the hope of a bright and successful future by studying and learning. This valued tool is not free, considering the increasing tuition fees and rising debts of students, hence the need for college to be as productive as possible. College Expectation versus Reality College gives a lot of advantages but not all students are prepared for college. Many students are unprepared for the demands college places on them. Few examples of the preparations for college include reading as much as possible, balancing the academic and social demands to enhance time management skills, and being open to different types of people they will encounter. Students should be anticipating the increased workload ahead of them in college. Some of…show more content…
More than half of the students in college report that they are exhausted, sleepy, and dragging. Usually, students who go through academic difficulties and inadequate sleep are unaware of the degree of impairment this practice causes in completing cognitive tasks. Lack of sleep leads to sleepiness and defective performance in terms of the neurocognitive and psychomotor aspects which increases the risk of students to have impaired decision-making skills, memory, and learning. (BaHammam et al., 2012). Daytime sleepiness and sleep deprivation can result to consequences such as the decrease of grades and increased risk of failing. Students tend to have reduced amount of attention span and have difficulty concentrating thus leads to poor academic performance evaluated by teachers and students themselves. (Willingham,

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