The Importance Of Family On The Family

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Learning can be everywhere. It takes place at school, will also start at home and can possibly happen anywhere outside the classroom. It is certainly known that almost every day of our lives is greatly affected by the learning process. Since the start and of from the day we began to have a lifeat infant to early childhood and so on as we grow, we take into consideration the start of learning process. Starting at the early age when wego to school to learn and up until the time when we have questioned ourselves on why are we studying, ithas found out thatfor us in the collectivist view, the reason for going to school is not just to study well, learn, fulfill our dreams but also in return to show our debt of gratitude to our parents who have supported us in our studies. We Filipinos belong to the collectivist view, we take into account that…show more content…
Several studies have shown that the significance of family obligation is also associated in line with students’ academic outcomes such as motivation, self-efficacy, sense of competence and educational aspirations(King &Ganotice, 2015). But having family as a way of motivation may be different from other perspective. Being motivated which means doing well in class for learning and achievement (King &Ganotice, 2015) may vary among Filipino students depending on the way we want things and from the way we need it.Varying of motivation happens when motivational conflict comes in, wherein students pursue different multitude goals at different times (King &Gaerlan, 2013).Psychological theories and research regarding on motivation and learning also suggest that motivation does
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