Critical Analysis Of E-Commerce

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Critical evaluation of the strategies E commerce has made and issues, traditional retailing is facing : (Ravish , (26)) E-commerce and m-commerce has emerged as a big change in the retailing industry. The main drivers of e-commerce include: • The search for value and convenience in E-shopping. “People shop online for convenience, not for price” Convenience is the primary motivation for online shoppers. Price is secondary. One don’t need to get dressed and drive to your favorite store, they can easily visit their website, find the product they want and buy it without getting out of their comfort. It’s also convenient because you don’t need to wait for the store to open. If you work irregular hours or are very busy, then you probably don’t…show more content…
India was ranked 5th in 2012 on Global Retail Development Index , Highlighting it as one of the key foreign investment destinations worldwide. However , in 2013 , the rank fell to fourteenth possibly due to slow spending and general economic slowdown , along with policy concerns over approval of multi branded retail across many states in India . These trends are expected to reverse soon supported by factors such as improving demographics, rising disposable income levels, expansion of organised retail sector into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, changing consumer habits. This could provide a wide window of opportunities for national and international players in the next five to ten years. Issues, traditional retailing is facing : Discussion with data trends on – • Fewer Overhead Costs in online Retailing An e-commerce operation doesn’t require a salesperson to woo the customer, a cashier to ring up the sale or a brick-and-mortar store for customers to visit. While e-commerce operations aren’t free businesses should have a professional design and maintain them, they require fewer resources than traditional retail…show more content…
This could be a play to bring complementary products or services into the store (e.g., hair salon, eye care) or a chance to partner with another entity to differentiate in the market. J.C. Penney has started to revamp its existing store locations from a typical department store concept to one with “shops” or individually branded spaces,2 such as the one for cosmetics retailer Sephora. Sears has been very successful with its Lands End partnership, as

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