Factors Affecting Online Shopping

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE: E-commerce activities are increasing rapidly and globally nowadays. One such important e-commerce activity is the Online Shopping. There are various factors that affect the consumer’s attitude towards online purchase of goods and services. These are as follow: • Product understanding • Shopping Experience • Customer Service • Consumer ability to take risk If any of the above factors lies on the negative side of the dimension, then it would demotivate the consumers to buy online. Also, some of the reasons that may lead to non- adoption of the online shopping system are – concerns regarding the financial security (payment making risk factor) and discomfort in sharing the information about the personal perceptions on the online portal. Apart from the above factors, the demographic factors also affect the consumer’s attitude to shop online. Demographic factors include age, gender, education and income levels. It can be concluded that young females with high educational qualification and high income level are more attracted towards the online shopping i.e. they form a majority of the portion that shop online. Following papers has been studied for the related literature review:…show more content…
Ltd) and Cheng Lu Wang (University of New Haven) has conducted a pure theoretical paper on the online shopping behaviour. It states the factors that influence the online shopping decision of the consumers. Firstly, it describes the process of online shopping in 5 stages. Then, it discusses the factors that drive the motivation to buy online as convenience, information, available product and services and cost and time efficiency. Whereas, the factors that impede the consumers from online shopping are – security, intangibility of online product, social contact and dissatisfaction from online shopping. It also discusses the implications that has been obtained after discussing the motivating factors and the impeding

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