Perseverance In The Breadwinner

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Men trading, talking about everything they want to say. Women standing behind them, doing nothing, like they’re nothing. Walking across the blasted dip in the ground, the assuring factor that the Taliban has marked their territory. Just a guy getting some rice and some tea, right… Wrong, a woman; hidden under the mask that's put up to hide the truth… A true crime committed, easy, right? Perseverance, in other words describes as pushing through difficult situations.The Breadwinner is a book that is the inside of the mind of Parvana, an eleven-year-old Afghan girl who is living under the Taliban's control in a small town. All of Parvana's basic freedoms have been stripped away since she was born a girl. We're talking no school, no identity, and…show more content…
Parvana’s mother, sister, and school teacher agree to have Parvana turn into a boy; cutting her hair very short and dressing in her brother’s old clothing. After a bit of convincing, Parvana gave in and agreed to turn into a boy, so she will be able to make money for her family while her father is imprisoned by the Taliban. At the start of the sixth paragraph, page 61 it states, “They were going to turn her into a boy. ‘As a boy, you’ll be able to move in and out of the market, buy what we need, and no one will stop you,’ Mother said. ‘It’s a perfect solution,’ Mr.Weera said. ‘You’ll be our cousin from Jalalabad,’ Nooria said, ‘come to stay with us while our father is away.’”They say that turning into a boy was a perfect solution, and that Parvana is going to act as if she was their cousin from Jalalabad. Parvana will wear Hossain's (her late brother’s) clothes and they would cut her hair to make her look more like the part. She can then go to the market, revealing her face, and she won’t get in trouble with the Taliban. Parvana can get all of what she needed without getting…show more content…
Bone digging; Parvana wasn’t really up to the idea,but later Parvana agreed to dig up bones for her family.The evidence shows how Parvana persevered because even though going to the cemetery and digging up bones,she did it anyways. Another way the evidence shows how Parvana persevered was that she was doing this for her family and the way she was making money wasn’t making enough to keep the family

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