Disadvantages Of Hacking

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Hackers or hacktivism everywhere in the world because of cybercrime every year has occurred and this will affect the security reputation in the country. In this case, responsible organizations should take precautionary measures and promptly as each time they act uncontrollably. In the age of globalization humans rely on technology in the aspects of life and this will be vulnerable to cybercrime. Malaysia and the world today are increasingly use of computers at the same time giving a motive to learn more about computing science. At the same time, there is a risk that they will use intelligence to commit cybercrime. The advantages of technology and the internet will indirectly increase in cyberspace. Anonymous or hacktivist is a large group that…show more content…
In this era of technology is widespread and web site care is important from hackers. One way to protect a site is always to update the software. Next is password. Everyone knows the site should use a complex password. Examples of using passwords around eight characters, including uppercase letters and numbers, will help protect them in the long run. Because it will hurt hackers to steal the password. At the same time, the password must be saved or encrypted and always change the password. Otherwise, do not associate your own account with someone else's account. That is, if we want to reach something in the website and if the site is issuing for a link to our account do not accept it at all. Because it can reach our information instantly. The hacking method is to access the system or computer network and the best way to prevent it is to use a quality anti-virus software and it will instantly scan the computer for any harmful virus and remove it. This is the way if our website has been hacked. We should move the data in the website to the computer and replace the new password. Then contact the host to improve the website. Generally, hosting can handle this. The latter is usually the hacker will leave the email and the possibility to get back webpage is a bit. Usually the purpose of the hacker to do so is to remind us to be more
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