Health Belief Model

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1. Behaviorism The concept of behaviorism is premised on the idea that all behaviors can be learned and/or unlearned through a conditioning system which occurs through interactions with the environment. Also referred to as behavioral psychology, behaviorism is defined as a psychological approach which explains human and animal behavior in terms of observable stimulus – response without any appeal to thoughts or feelings, genetic background or personality traits1. In public health, a greater percentage of public health issues are behavior-dependent and preventable through interventions targeting behavior change. The concept of behaviorism help to understand behavioral patterns which may lead to a specific public health issues and aid in the…show more content…
First developed in 1950 by social psychologists, the HBM was derived from psychological and behavioral theory which indicate that a person will take action regarding their health if they feel that a negative health condition can be avoided by taking/adopting a recommended action; an action which they belief they can successfully take. HBM has been spelt out in terms of 6 constructs - perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits, perceived barriers, cues to action and self-efficacy3. The scope of the HBM construct is based on the professional context in which it is applied. HBM is one of the most widely applied theory of health behavior and it has been leveraged in various circumstances to explore long and short term health behaviors. Examples include sexual risk behaviors, injuries and violence, mental health among…show more content…
Evolving from Evidence Based Medicine, EBMgt is grounded in the provision and use of empirical evidence with the aim of applying scientific methods for the evaluation of practices in other to inform decision making6. In EBMgt, managerial decisions are expected to be based on best available evidence which has been critically evaluated for its validity, generalizability and applicability. The concept of Evidence Based Management is targeted at ensuring that the best proven organizational best practices is employed in the management of an organization and in decision making. This ensures the transparency and traceability of decision

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