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Descriptive research Descriptive research is developed to present an obvious or original image of circumstances as they occur, it. can be utilised to substantiate the ongoing action and produce logic, that can develop hypothesis or assumptions (Burns and Grove, 2003:201). Descriptive research covers anything of interest while exploratory uncovers it. It does not seek to illustrate any means of the cause of a problem or the connections between variables, it only explains them (Webb, 1992). Description can be reduced to idiotic elements as indicated by Mills (1959) to social research. 4.3.2 Exploratory research Polit et al (2001:19), describes explorative research as studies done to explore a new trend or when little or no information…show more content…
The rationale for sampling is that by checking out part of a whole we can say something about the whole. Part one of the study will involve obtaining information about communication strategies in terms of social media tools used by twelve leaders in three organisations in the Western Cape of Cape Town from different industries, to provide the required information on the implementation and objectives.. A purposeful sample is one where sample members are chosen with a specific purpose or objective in mind; the sample is thus intentionally selected to be non-representative (Diamantopoulos & Schelgelmilch,…show more content…
Silverman (2000, p. 201) mentions researches must remember that they are actually invading the participants private space, and be cognizance of ethical issues that may be trampered into if not properly addressed before , during and after the research has been conducted. Creswell (2003) reiterated that as a researcher you are obliged to honour and respect the rights, needs, values and needs of the participant. Miles and Huberman (1994) highlighted several things that researchers must be aware of when assessing data, to be cautious of the following before, during and after the process of conducting the interview or rather acquiring data, which are as

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