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A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON PURCHASE BEHAVIOUR FOR APPARELS: ONLINE VS OFFLINE 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Aim A study on online and offline purchase behaviour of students (Manipal University) for buying apparels. 1.2 Objectives • To understand online and offline purchase behaviour of students for buying apparels. • To explore different theories, models and concepts regarding online and offline purchase behaviour. • To analyse different online websites used by students in purchasing apparels and to identify their advantages and disadvantages. 1.3 Research questions RQ1. Why it is important to understand online and offline purchase behaviour of students for buying apparels? RQ2. What are the different models, theories and concepts…show more content…
This research is carried out in order to investigate the purchase behaviour of Manipal students for buying apparels. This thorough understanding of consumer behaviour will help managers to plan their online marketing process. This investigation might also help students in selecting a particular online website for purchasing apparel. 3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter is going to discuss about the difference between quantitative and qualitative methods of research. Author has selected quantitative method for data collection because it is suitable to the target segment for this research. Data will be collected through personally administered questionnaire, by asking questions from students of Manipal University regarding online purchase of apparels. Data collected through questionnaires will be analysed through SPSS software involving several tables, graphical representations, co-relation and cross tabulations. 3.1 Quantitative method:…show more content…
However Kent (2007) says they do have some weaknesses such as in case of online and self-administered surveys there is no interaction with target audience, this is also supported by Ghauri & Gronhaug (2002) who says it may sometimes be able to also miss contextual

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