Ethos Pathos And Logos

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In philosophy, there are two very different ways of thinking about the world around us. One of these ways of thinking is called “mythos” or mythical thinking and the other is called “logos” or logical thinking. These two methods of thinking provide us with stories of the past world, but in significantly different ways. Logos is a way that people used evidence and objective observation in an empirical manner to relay an account of events or explanation. On the other hand, those using mythos as a way of thinking approach the world in an instinctive way, based on subjective experiences and feelings rather than measurable facts. People whose thinking would be classified under the mythos category blamed the Gods for ALL natural phenomenon that occurred. For example, if a large thunderstorm…show more content…
In my opinion Thales set up philosophy for the rest of the thinkers to come, and for that I believe he is one of the most credible philosophers to ever live. With that said, I must say that I think both mythos and logos are interdependent on each other are needed in modern society. Numerous achievements and advances in societies have been the product of these two ways of thinking working together. For instance inventions of computers ( logos reasoning) help us to communicate with the people all over the world but mythos thinking provides the context for us to value human connection and communication. Without the creative “out-of-the-box” thinkers we would not have religion, poetry, paintings, music and a host of other essentials that make life worth living. Without our sequential, logical thinkers we would not have the tools to help us create. Logos thinkers have figured out how to cure illnesses and prolong human life, but mythos thinking teaches us to value human life enough to

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