Streetcar Named Desire Relationships

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The relationships in the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams are singular, or that’s what the characters think. They are too selfish to accept the fact that others are important too, so are their relationships. They are not the only ones that are going to suffer, but others too. In this play Stanley and Blanche always gets into arguments and the one that has to suffer is Stella. Stella loves both Stanley and Blanche. Blanche was a judging person from the beginning of the play itself. Even before she saw Stanley, she called him a Pollack. She always judged things even before she saw something. She only looked for the physical things or the outward things which gave her pleasure and not at what matters the most. Infact right when…show more content…
Like a proverbial phrase says, “a good first impression is a lasting one.” Blanche and Stanley had a terrible first impression. From the beginning of the play, Blanche and Stanley could not get along. Belle Reve was the main problem. In Williams play, Stanley says “She didn’t show you no paper, no deed of sale or nothing like that, huh?” (32) Stanley is frustrated that Blanche showed them no papers about Belle Reve, and every time Stanley would ask for the papers, she would change the subject. He is also mad that Stella refuses to believe what Stanley tells and chooses to believe whatever Blanche says. This is the point in the play, where Stanley tries to investigate about the truth about Belle Reve and Blanche’s…show more content…
In this play, Stanley and Blanche are the greatest examples. When Blanche came home, Stanley lost all the attention he had from Stella and even Mitch. This is the main reason why he tried to get rid of her. For this reason, he digs into the past of Blanche. In Williams play, Stanley says, “She moved to Flamingo! A second class hotel which has the advantage of not interfering in the private social life of the personalities there, The Flamingo is used for all kinds of going-ons. But even the Flamingo was so impressed by Dame Blanche! In fact they were so impressed by Dame Blanche that they requested her to turn in her room-key for permanently! This happened a couple of weeks before she showed here.” (120) Stanley had learned a lot of secrets about Blanche’s past from the supply man down at the plant. Stanley tells all these secrets to Stella thinking she will believe him, but she takes the side of Blanche and refuses to believe him. This aggravates Stanley even

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