Ethos, Pathos And Logos

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Credibility Introduction: I. The speaker’s claim was introduce in his opening statement as “labor and work.” `The argument explained as an emotional outcome of his experiment in which he strongly appealed to the rhetoric techniques used in the persuasion of Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Furthermore, the statement also suggest that “all people care about is money” and the moment one provides a monetary value, in which people are used as if they were puppets to work in one or another form. Main body of the speech: Expressed on the influence of Ethos, and how it parallels with Pathos. The structure of the speaker illustrates and organizes with further anecdotes in order to related to its continual remarks on the nature of people when they are exposed to little or no interest. Example A-Ethos The speaker illustrates upon the character of people– “strange behaviors throughout the world.” He indirectly, persuades on a mundane example of a book about Mountain Climbers to emphasize the question in the direction he wants to persuade his speech “Do you think those books are full of moments of joy and happiness? No, They are full of misery… This was a terrible mistake. I’ll never do it again.”…show more content…
The story elaborates on the devotion that the student put on to create his presentation and how at the end it did not received the credit that he had expected to receive: “Nice presentation, but the merger is canceled.” The impact that resulted from working on the presentation made the student “happy” but after the outcome was drastically rejected it diminish his interest. The story lies in the core of the speech, in the notion that people will perform better if interest is shown from the third party. Not only did it followed the Ethos skill but it collaborated with the persuasion of Pathos in which it reflected compassion and pity after the student presentation was

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