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The Giver was written by Lois Lowry. The main characters of this book are Jonas and a man known as The Giver. The Giver is about a society that is controlled by a committee of elders that control the lives of the citizens. Jonas and The Giver come up with a plan to reveal the secret of this community. A utopian society is a near perfect community. The community in the book tries to fit in with the definition of a utopia. It tries to make everyone equal. The community assigns all citizens a role they will perform for their lives. “Three, Isaac, was given an Assignment as Instructor of Sixes, which obviously pleased him and was well deserved” (Lowry 53). It refers to everyone as a number to keep citizens from making emotional connections with others. “Then, at last, the Chief Elder called number One to the stage, and the Assignments began” (Lowry 52). The community provides for all the…show more content…
It tried to fight and keep order over natural things in life. There was murder and death in this community. Everyone accepted it because no one knew what they were truly doing. When Jonas’s father killed the baby and spoke to it as if he were sending it so another place. A committee tried to hold all control and power in this community. The committee hides the past from the citizens when they need it to learn and change from it on there own. The Giver’s job is to hold all the memories of the past to keep them from the community. Jonas and The Giver were right in their actions to release the memories back to the community. They wanted to show all the amazing things that were hidden from the community, such as colors, sunlight, and weather. The pain of the past needed to be shared with the rest of the community so it was not only one person’s to bear. It gave the citizens the memories of the past and showed them all that was hidden from them. This allowed for them to make their own choices based on these

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