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One of the largest tragedies that happens every day is a drunk driving accident. Thousands of people are affected by this, and multiple companies/organizations have put out advertisements that try to prevent drunk driving. Volkswagen is among these companies and put out one that shows how bad they can be. They use Superman as a driver killed in drunk driving to form their message to be more powerful. They made the advertisement much better than others, which uses strangers, because they used someone everyone knows. They used vivid color and details to show more of the carnage of the accident. Volkswagen is also a very credible company since they have been around for numerous years, which is ethos. To try and prevent drunk driving accidents the Volkswagen advertisement for drunk driving clearly use pathos to make their point, the logos behind making the advertisement, and the ethos of the advertisement. The drunk driving advertisement clearly uses pathos to produce a clear message to the viewers and show why drunk driving is awful. The first example is that they used Superman as the driver. Everyone knows Superman as…show more content…
This image shows has ethos because it was from a reliable company. Volkswagen has been used as a reliable car company for countless years, and people can easily recognize them as a known car company (Are German Cars…). Another way that this shows ethos is that they show what would happen at a drunk driving crash afterwards. It shows how the police would show up, an ambulance would come, and there would be a crowd to watch the scene. A third way that this advertisement is credible is because they use Superman. Superman is credible because he is supposedly a protector from evil, though in the end he could not protect himself or others from the evil he committed. Ethos was able to tie all of the advertisement together making it

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